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Fatty Acid
Fatty Acid is among the main essential nutrients required in the balanced diets. This substance is present in every edible food that human consume. Apart from this, these are widely used in medicines, soaps, cosmetics etc.
Organic Waxes
These Organic Waxes are purely made from peels, leaves and fruits of various plants. Separation process is also carried our from plant oils and the procedure of de-waxing is done for this.
Natural Edible Oils
The Natural Edible Oils have many health benefits. These are extracted from seeds, palm of fruits, flowers etc. These are very good for heart as well as for cancer patients. Also, they add to the existing taste of the food.
Natural Refined Oil
We offer Natural Refined Oil after purification and refining process. With all the natural essential benefits, these oils are checked by our professional team before being packed.
Natural Organic Soaps
Natural Organic Soaps have incredible benefits, some of them being natural glowing, soft, moisturizing skin etc. These are available in divergent fragrances like rose, sandalwood etc. Further, these soap have essential oil present in them.

We are dealing in bulk orders only minimum order quantity - 21 Tons.